Using Western Tapestries To Create Southwest Home Decor

Western tapestries are the icons of Native American and rustic style home decorating. If you like southwestern and western decor, you will definitely love decorating with vibrant tapestries in your log cabin or rustic style home. Practical in many ways, you will find that rustic tapestries, when used as a tapestry wall hanging or tapestry wall art, will brighten your home and give it a wonderful southwestern feel.

A lot of times designers will add floor rugs and runners to the rooms in their homes but do not think of using wall tapestries made of the same beautiful material to dress their walls. The truth is that a wall tapestry is a simple way to give color and texture to your rooms and bring life to your decorating. In addition, western tapestries make wonderful pieces of artwork, worthy of display, because they are hand made.

There are so many beautiful colors available that you will certainly be able to find the perfect western tapestry style to match your interior decorating. Southwestern decorating usually uses desert colors like pink, purple and turquoise. Western themes look nice with beautiful accent colors like red, black and grey. For an American Indian look, there are numerous designs to choose from with the Navajo storm pattern being one of the most popular. It is possible to find rich and vibrant colors in every type of woven rug, and tapestry patterns that keep getting more interesting.

The exciting thing about decorating with western tapestries is that you can include them anywhere in your home. Use them as a hanging tapestry or as accent rugs to complement western furnishings and southwest style accessories. Or, use them in front of doors, in halls, and in areas where you need to fill vacant floor space. Hang them in hallways or where you might normally put a framed picture for a unique design style. To achieve a more casual style, hang them horizontally to accentuate that it is wall hanging art. You will be amazed at how much they liven up your home decor and what an impression they make on your visitors.

When you start your interior design, use your color samples to decide which western tapestries and tapestry rugs to use in your rooms, and you will be thrilled with how they beautifully enhance the decor in your home. Always choose the best quality tapestries and do not settle for cheap looking imitations that will bring down the quality of your home. Look for wool tapestries and tapestry rugs that have been crafted by hand and not made by a machine. Handcrafted wool is more durable and will enhance the look you want.

Create a new look in your favorite room with a little taste of the southwest, or give your whole home a makeover with western tapestries and tapestry rugs to get that great designer southwestern style. Today you can easily find Indian style tapestries to use in your home decor. Many people find them online or in stores that sell southwest and Native style home decorating items. If you are trying to create that unique rustic or western style in your home, start by adding the beautiful colors and Native designs of western tapestries.

Craig Chambers is the director of Mission Del Rey and offers free information online about choosing western tapestries for southwestern decorating.

Home Decor Tips – Accessorising

The interior of your home speaks volumes about the intricacies of your personality and it’s effectively a gorgeous, warm window to your soul. Home decorating doesn’t have to be an expensive undertaking – simply by adding attractive and functional accessories; your home can evolve into a true reflection of self.

Select handcrafted furniture designed specifically for a space

One way to get the best out of your interior space is to opt for bespoke furniture design or handcrafted furniture made specifically for your home. These beautifully made objects from rare hardwoods, unblemished leather or exotic animal skins will fit hand in glove with the respective areas, using space to its optimum.

Then it’s simply a matter of embellishing the dresser, cabinet or Havana leather 3 drawer side table with simple, attractive and functional accessories.

Popular interior design accessories

Popular items which are guaranteed to enhance virtually any space include:

Lamps with striking and unusual lamp shades including guinea fowl or Egyptian goose feather coolie shades for an ethnic appeal. Alternatively, for a more contemporary feel, select a bronze and mahogany Hudson search lamp or the straight lines and metallic ambiance of the stark Hudson pyramid lamp.

Artwork, either original or in print form, is another winning accessory. Ensure, however, that the colours and chosen subject fit into the overall theme of the interior design. Wild animal originals, prints and photographs of cheetah, lion and buffalo are firm favourites throughout the world.

Throws and cushions have the ability to create a snug and comfortable atmosphere. These days, all sorts of fabrics are successfully used in the creation of soft accessories including genuine African springbok hide, high quality cowhide and even dark brown rabbit pelts!

Mirrors in various guises including ebony & faux shagreen circular, Portobello antiqued or simply ebony framed, have the ability to lighten and brighten any room but ensure that they are perfectly placed to reflect a beautiful view or scene, either interior or exterior.

Leather home accessories including Havana leather photo frames, genuine leather squares rugs, A-grade Hartman zebra floor hides or Havana leather magazine carriers add warmth and texture to any living area.

Crucial interior design accessorising tips

Before you begin your fantastic journey of personal discovery by accessorising your living space, take heed of these crucial points:
Try and repeat a chosen colour at least three times in a room.
Place original artwork, in a spatially correct manner, above existing handcrafted furniture and try to position it at eye-level.
Vary the height of table top accessories to create interest and balance.
Custom frame your art so that it is co-ordinated with the overall decor of the room

Mufti is a UK-based company specialising in bespoke furniture design and leather home accessories such as lamps, storage shelves and artwork – all made from natural materials.

Creating a Contemporary Home Decor

The basic theme of a contemporary home decor is simple, clean lines with a modern twist. Contemporary home decor can be achieved by minimal decorations and clean cut furnishings. Creating a contemporary home decor is actually very easy, especially if you know what to buy or focus your theme on. Contemporary home decor can make any room in your house look modern, refreshed, and clean. A very good example of contemporary home decor would be an Asian theme. Asian themes also use simple, clean lines and minimal decorations.

To create a contemporary home decor you will need to focus on some simple rules of the contemporary style. The first things you should focus on are color, space, and shape. By focusing on these three basic elements of contemporary home decor, you will be able to achieve it. Simple is always better with a contemporary home decor theme, so, when you focus on these elements, remember, you need to have clean lines, maybe some geometric shapes, and minimal decorations.

The main colors that are use with a contemporary home decor are black, white, beige, or any neutral color. These colors can be uses with other bold colors like reds, purples, or any other bright color you love. The thing to remember with colors when creating a contemporary home decor is that they should balance each other. This means that if you have neutral walls you can have a bold colored couch or luxurious throw pillows and visa versa.

The next thing to focus on with a contemporary home decor is the space in which you are decorating and the lines you use in that space. It is important to realize that, with contemporary home decor, blank spaces have just as much importance as a decorated space. A clean line is the key to creating a contemporary home decor. To give your space a clean line you should create them by using bold or neutral blocks of color, having fabulous, geometric art on your walls, by either having either bare windows or simple window coverings like wooden blinds. Plus, you should leave some areas bare because contemporary home decor focuses on minimal decorations.

Now is the time to focus on texture so as to continue your contemporary home decor theme. Texture can come in the form of fabulous throw pillows, luxurious rugs, a vase with a single, interesting flower in it, etc…. Also, if you are shopping for contemporary furniture, it is best to use furniture made of simple woods, metal, or natural fabrics. Basically, you should not use any floral patterns, antique furniture, or anything frilly.

Contemporary home decor accents are used to add texture and personal style to the space. As with any home decor, contemporary home decor should reflect your personal tastes. This can be done by adding a fabulous rug in your favorite color to the space, adding dramatic flowers in simple vases, or by placing wooden or metal framed pictures on your walls. Remember, contemporary home decor is about minimal decorations, so, a couple of well placed accents will finish off a contemporary home decor theme.

Deb Werner is the owner and writer for Habitat Designs.

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